April 7, 2016

Creating your wedding style and theme

We are going to kick it off right here, why? Because creating your wedding style or theme is going to be one of the first big decisions you are going to have to make in planning your wedding, do your homework now and I promise you all the steps to follow will be much simpler!

Notice the word ‘creating’ rather than choosing?! My first TIP, you aren’t going to find your dream-wedding theme on Pinterest or wedding blogs. Put the ipad away, slip on your sandals, grab a notepad, a coffee and your partner in crime it’s time…

Start this exploration with some notepad worthy questions:

  1. You both feel the happiest when….???
  1. What hobbies do you love to do together?
  1. Where is one place the two of you feel madly, deeply in LOVE? Why?
  1. What were you doing the last time you both laughed SO hard it hurt?
  1. Describe your perfect date? What are you eating? Drinking? Are you in front of a cozy fire? Or are you at the top of a mountain?
  1. What does he/she do that lights them up?


Photos by: Jessica Zias

Now, when you look over your answers what jumps off the page? Is it Winter or Summer? An intimate gathering or a real shaker?! What are you wearing? Describe the mood? Is it simple and fun or modern and glamorous? Is there a color that pops out at you?

This is not a quiz, nobody wins or loses at this, it’s an exploration and something you may want to go away and come back to over a matter of days or weeks, make it FUN!!

Creating A Theme That Represents You As A Couple

Can you now use these moments that you have shared together to begin to envision your style or a theme that represents you both? By all means, plug back in and create an inspiration board, especially if you’re a visual person. This can be a great resource to share with your wedding planner! Use photos, words, quotes, and videos that speak to you and don’t limit yourself, visit travel sites, food blogs, find inspiration in fashion and photography, see where it leads!

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