Inspired Cocktails for your Okanagan wedding
March 11, 2017

Black Tea and Raw Honey Old Fashioned

Black Tea and Raw Honey Old FashionedWe recently got down to business to create our 2017 Summer Cocktail list, and boy did we have fun! It is kind of hard to believe that part of our job is working behind the scenes, experimenting with classic recipes, testing new ideas, and working with local suppliers to make our ideas come to life (seriously – pinch us).

We don’t want to steal all of the fun, though, so we are going to feature our cocktail creations with you every few weeks here on the blog. Whether we can share some sips with you at your Kelowna wedding this summer with the Mint Julep Travelling Bar, or simply inspire you for cocktails at home we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our menu launch than to start with our Black Tea and Raw Honey Old Fashioned. A traditional Old Fashioned is always available to add to the menu upon request, but we were after something signature, something interesting, consistently classy and as tasty as the original.

Traditionally, an Old Fashioned is made by muddling sugar with bitters, adding the bourbon or whiskey and finished with a twist of citrus rind. Cocktails of a similar nature were being mixed up as far back as the early 1800’s, right around when the word “cocktail” was coined.

We made a lot of Old Fashioneds at weddings and events last summer. They are definitely making a revival. In fact, a lot of the classics are which is so fun for us to work with. For our signature Old Fashioned with a twist, we were inspired by the trend of seeing tea being used in cocktails – whether it be to create a syrup, a sugar, or even as a mix (Check out this other beautiful, boozy tea concoction, mmm). We like this cocktail because honey, which is so prevalent here in the Okanagan valley, is used as the sweetness as opposed to raw white sugar (not so cool) and we love teas in general.

Inspired Cocktails for your Okanagan weddingPhotos by: Mathias Fast

Here is what we dreamed up!

Organic Creme Earl Grey Tea

We are HUGE fans of Chai Baba teas, and their Creme Earl Grey is no exception. It will also be fun to play with some of their other black teas as the season progresses. Think Lavender Earle Grey or a spicy Chai!


Local DARK Honey

Everyone needs a honey guy! For this drink, we have selected a dark, rich buckwheat honey from our pals at Brainy Bee Honey.

 Housemade Orange & Vanilla Bitters

Created as a signature twist for many of our cocktails, orange and vanilla bitters add depth. We encourage you to experiment with bitters variations to come up with your own signature combination.

 Don’t Forget the Bourbon!

In case you have been wondering….bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Huh? Ok. What does that mean? Bourbon is a whiskey specifically from the USA, made with at least 51% corn, and aged in new, charred-oak wood barrels.

New to Bourbon? You can find some great information here on the different kinds that are out there to help you start navigating!

 Sip and Savor

Steep your tea with the honey to make an aromatic honey syrup (use this instead of sugar), add a dash of bitters, your bourbon of choice and orange rind. Serve in a short tumbler (maybe even an Old Fashion glass, named after the drink itself!) with a large piece of ice.

Enjoy in an oversized leather chair, or around the bar at your best friend’s wedding. But hey – where you consume is really completely up to you.


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